Joel Salatin and Polyface Farms Field Day

Ok, here’s the truth.  The real reason we are on this road trip is because we bought tickets to Field Day at Polyface Farms, the “beyond organic” farm of Joel Salatin in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.

I read a couple of Salatin’s books and have been intrigued with his methods for raising poultry, beef, and hogs, and I wanted to see him in action first hand.

Basically, Salatin captures the sun by growing grass.  This he uses to feed his animals a “salad-bar” diet by pasturing them in mob-groups in small paddocks and moving them daily–sometimes twice daily.  Pigs get to be pigs, enjoying their “piggyness.”

Wouldn’t you want to take one of these baby chicks home?  Emma did.  She named it Bertha and spent over an hour in the brooder house.  I think she’s ready to have chickens now.  Which is good, since we are planning on pasture-grazing a lot of them.

Just like this–a mobile hen house with chickens surrounded by electrified-wire netting.  You just move the hen house every third day and reposition the netting.  Then collect your eggs every day.  Happy chickens, happy breakfast eaters.  Or maybe we’ll get some bunnies, like this one.  

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