Raw Milk

I’ve been desperate to get my hands on some raw milk for a while now.  First I thought I wanted it to make cheese.  Then it was yogurt but finally I realized, I just wanted to drink it.  If I’m going to bother with cow’s milk at all, I want the complete product, without the chemically-induced antibiotics and without the pasteurization.  I’m sure back in the early 1900s, heating milk to kill bad pathogens was a good thing.  People were notoriously unclean with food production but the government and milk producers have taken it too far and in that effort to kill bad, they’ve managed to kill all the good in milk, too.

But finding raw milk in Texas is a like finding a cold-wave in August.  Really tough.  Not impossible, just a pain in the butt and then you’ve got to hide the stuff under your spare tire in case you get pulled over.  It’s contraband.

So imagine my surprise when I happened upon it in a market in rural Pennsylvania.  I was so thrilled.  Then again in a market in downtown Philadelphia.

Don’t get me wrong—the line of raw milk was small compared with the other stuff, but it was there, available, and I could walk out of the market with it without fear of being pulled over and ticketed (or jailed).

And so I brought home (to the camper) raw milk.  And I drank it. And watched the cream rise to the top and settle in a nice chunky yellowish color–evidence of the good grass and sun these jersey cows had eaten and bathed in.

And I rejoiced.

Times have changed.  It’s time to go back to raw milk–milk without chemicals, antibiotics, feedlots, CAFOS, or being boiled to death.  Milk is a living substance.  We should honor it and thank the cows that gave it to us.


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