Colonial Cooking: What’s in your Kitchen?

Because I love to cook, I’ve been keen on all the colonial kitchens we’ve traipsed through over the last few weeks.  The one at the Governor’s Palace at Colonial Williamsburg was in full gear the day we were there, despite the high 90s heat and even greater humidity.  I sure felt sorry for these cooks working all day around the large fireplace, churning out food that looked iffy, at best.  I suppose this is what folks ate in 1770 Virginia, but I wasn’t ready to plunge in.  Seems to me, they need a new food stylist.

Reproduction food (is that what you call it?) always has this sort of off-plasticy look to it.  Why is that?  It certainly didn’t make me want to jump in and try my hand at any recipes, or receipts, as they would have called them.

But if you are more game than I, check out Colonial Williamsburg’s blog about colonial food or the Taste of History videos.  We had dinner at Chef Walter Stalb’s City Tavern in Boston and the food looked contemporary and tasted delightful.  So perhaps it’s just that the food at living history museums sits around all day and grows pale?

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