The Housing Bubble

Our house has been up for sale now for over four months.  Yep, four months.  And it’s a great house but there are dozens of great houses for sale, just in my neighborhood.  It is definitely a buyer’s market.  A buyer can pick-and-choose and drive the prices down.  How low can they go?  Well, we are waiting to see.  That’s great for buyers but not so good for sellers.

This photo is of a Wigwam-style house used by Native Americans circa 1600 in the region now known as Virginia. Easy to construct, multi-purposed, and easy to take down and relocate.

Hmmm.  Maybe I should have bought me a wigwam ’cause now I wouldn’t be stuck sitting on a house that won’t sell.  Makes you wonder about our current housing choices, doesn’t it?

(one angle of the interior)

2 thoughts on “The Housing Bubble

    • I read your post. It’s slightly better here around Dallas but only if your house is in the low-end. If you’re selling a house for more than $200,000 you’re in trouble. Just too many choices available for buyers. Those who are selling are doing it because they are low-balling the houses, letting them go for much less than their value. That’s ok if you can afford it. We can’t. Sounds like you couldn’t either.

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