Full Moon Feast

I usually read a lot on our summer vacations but our six-week road trip wasn’t really a vacation in the traditional sense of the word–it was a trip, an adventure.  And I didn’t get much reading done.  There just wasn’t time for it.  Our days were long–driving or touring and at night, we worked furiously to keep up with the online classes we teach.  The few moments of free time were spent with Emma:  swimming, watching her do karaoke, or playing bingo at one of the campgrounds.

The only book I read this summer was Jessica Prentice’s Full Moon Feast.  I picked it up at a little shop in Staunton, Virginia, called Sacred Circle.

The book is part cookbook, part native people’s history, and part local-food sociology.  Divided by the 13 moons that govern our world, Prentice has detailed some aspect of each month based on food, illustrating the connections between our lunar calendar and traditional food ways.

If you’ve been looking to eat more local and seasonal, this is a book you’ll be interested in.  Not that all the “local and traditional” food ways are relevant to your home place but the ideas behind them are.

I’ll be giving several of the included recipes a go soon–

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