End Malaria

I don’t give much thought to malaria.  I lecture about it in my history classes when I talk about the building of the Panama Canal but beyond that, I tend to associate it with something that happened a long time ago, consigned to the ranks of  illnesses long gone–along with the likes of Yellow Fever, dysentery, and smallpox.  Of course I know these still occur–but since I don’t see them–ever–it’s easy to put them out of my mind.

Did you know that more than 1 million people still die yearly from malaria?  More than 85 percent of these deaths will be of children under the age of five and most of them will be in Africa.

But there is a simple way fight malaria–and that is with a $10 Malaria Bednet.  It’s a netting that is treated with an anti-mosquito repellant.  Mosquitos fly away and do not bite the children sleeping underneath.  It’s that simple.  No mosquito bite—no death.

Seth Godin and 60 plus of his friends have contributed to a new book, available today for $20.  If you purchase the ebook for $20, they will donate ALL $20 to purchasing Malaria Bednets through Malaria No More.  Yep, that’s right–you get a great book AND send two bednets to Africa.

I’ve made my purchase/donation.  How about you?  

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