ACL 2011

Yep, it’s that time again folks.  Another year and another Austin City Limits Music Festival.  I just want to start out by saying that the ACL folks finally got the bathrooms right.  Yep, after ALL THESE YEARS they finally tapped into enough port-a-potties that the lines weren’t ever too bad.  Way to go guys!

On the flip side, they must have sold way more Saturday and Sunday tickets than usual because Zilker Park was packed.  What’s up with that?  The only place there was a bit of space was the toilet lines.  Wow.  It must be tough to plan a festival.  Somebody like me always complaining.  See past ACL posts here and here.

Weather?  (it’s a constant source of conversation at every ACL).  Well, it was near 100% humidity each day we arrived and eventually on all three days it rained, broke the humidity, and cooled off to bearable temps.  That was good.  And the grass was great, though I’d be willing to bet it was the only swath of green in the entire central part of Texas.  We have all been under water restrictions for months–and what for?  Clearly it was so that Zilker Park could be watered for this single three-day event.  Hmmm.  What capitalists will do to make money, huh?

A happy ACL camper

But to the part you want to hear about–the music:

Asleep at the Wheel and Secret Sisters.  Great and totally chill.

James Blake.  What’s up with that?  I couldn’t quite figure that one out.

Scrillex.  Ok–you gotta love this stuff though the teens were a little over the top.  Think crowd-crushing.

Randy Newman.  Wow.  That man blows me away with his lyrics.  Too funny but so true.

Stevie Wonder.  As good as ever.

Naz and Damien Marley.  Ok, I’m a Marley sucker.  This show rocked.

I want to learn to wind like this.  These gals rocked.

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