Theo Jansen: incredible creatures

Theo Jansen

Theo Jansen

I’ve been meaning to get back here for a while now.  Been having lots of ideas percolating that seem to better fit here, as compared to the homesteading blog.  In part because the homesteading has become somewhat daily routine, and I’ve discovered that I want a place to capture my more “intellectual” thoughts.  In particular, we have been playing around with the idea of homeschooling and what that might mean for a 15 year old.  It’s gotten me thinking about how I’d like to teach in an ideal situation.

You see, I’ve been teaching college-level classes for 20 years and in all that time, I’ve only taught the way I’d really LIKE to teach a couple of semesters.  There’s this idea that professors have complete academic freedom in the classroom but that is so false.  There are all these expectations of what needs to be taught and how the material will be taught that in reality, there’s little freedom there.  It is almost as constrained as the k-12 system. Ok, not quite but almost.

So given the freedom to engage my not entirely academic child, how would I approach her learning?  In other words, how would I teach if given complete freedom to do so?

I’ve been knocking this idea around for a couple of days and wondering, “why not?”  Why not create some units and see how they work.  And if they do, maybe I’ll share them.

In the meantime, Check out Theo Jansen.  New York Times article here.  Video here.

Wow!  What if they taught physics this way–Jansen’s way?  I woulda liked physics, I think.

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