Research for my current book

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 3.48.09 PM


I’ve been digging around looking for images of Washington, DC during the Civil War trying to figure out exactly how “busy” the town was.  How many out-of-towners were hitting the streets?  Were people camped out in town, like in the mall area or on the grounds of the capital or White House?  Were all the regiments camped out along the edges of the town?  I’ve had trouble finding just generic pictures of Washington during these years.  Lots of images like this one–the capital at a distance with the dome shown under construction.

Writing historical fiction is challenging.  How to set the scene and create the “feel” of the time period while remaining true to both facts AND the story line/plot of the piece.

Add to that the challenge of writing in first person, and I’ve been struggling this week with the book.

Despite this, I’ve kept my butt in the chair and kept writing.  On chapter 8 of 17 in the first draft.  Still haven’t thought of a title for the book or the series–

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