Is Obama Care Working?

John Green posted this video on ObamaCare, given that it’s the 5th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act.  Has it really been that long?  This is a topic we discuss in some of my classes, so it’s a good overview of the pros and cons of the ACA.

Speaking of John Green–I’m still analyzing novels written in the first-point of view.  I can’t quite get the voice right in the book I’m working on and since this is my first go at 1st person POV, I’m finding it quite the challenge.  So much easier to be remote and distant or even all-knowing in the 3rd POV.  Anyways, I feel like I’m getting closer to the voice I want, which is good since I’m in chapter 13 of 17 of the first draft.  I expect this will go through a dozen drafts before I feel comfortable with the work but like all writing, it’s a journey.

It’s nice, though, when things feel like they are finally beginning to click–even if it’s only one element of the story.


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