Balancing the Writing Life with “Life” Life

Emma pitching JV softball versus Cisco, TX

Emma pitching JV softball versus Cisco, TX

I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time balancing my writing life with my “life” life.  Sometimes I get a little antsy with it, frustrated because my writing time is so limited.  You can see from the photo where I’m spending most of my free (unpaid work) time right now.  We are either at practices, pitching practice, batting practice, or it’s a game day.  Hard to believe that someone else’s loves can eat up so much time but since she’s not driving, I’m the #1 fan, chauffeur, wallet, and all around support staff.  She says she wants to pursue this in college so who am I to stand in the way of someone’s dream?

If you are a mom, you know this feeling.  You want your kids to achieve and you want to see them be successful.  BUT, what about your own dreams?  Your own sense of achievement?  This spring it seems that a lot of my own goals have taken a back seat.  I know it’s a limited time and in only six (yes 6!!!) months, this little sportster will be driving and that will eliminate a huge chunk of the time devoted to her but still, six months can feel like a long time away when you are deep in a book project and lack only 2 (yes 2!!!!) chapters from being done with the first draft.

I know, I could stay up late and work on the book. And I have at times but sleep is a good thing, too.  So is planting the garden, mowing the grass, trying to cook a few times a week, and sitting and reading for pleasure.  How do we find a balance?

Or perhaps that’s just not possible right now.  Balance will come later, maybe, when she’s driving or graduated. And while six months feels like a long time, I bet I blink and she’s headed off to college.  Then I’ll wonder how it all slipped past me so quickly.

For now, I’ll just try and get in some reading and writing time while I’m waiting for her to finish her practices.  A few minutes here and there.

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