Spring on the Farm

dogsI don’t publish too much farm stuff here.  I tend to do that over on the farm blog, saving this site for my writing and making.  BUT, it’s spring here on the farm and that means babies.

Someone dumped this dog here about 2 months ago.  We didn’t realize at first that she was pregnant. Sigh.  No one wanted her and certainly not with an undetermined number of babies on the way.  Well, she had 10.  Yes, 10 puppies.  So if you are in need of a cute puppy, we can hook you up.  So you know, the momma is super smart and was well trained by someone.  But she’s gun shy and it looks like she might have been in training as a hunting dog.  Not a good mix.

IMG_1415Poultry delivery was this week, too!  Chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys.  All chirping their heads off.

Of course we’ve got the natural increase as well–bird nests are filled, swallows back in the courtyard and already nesting, and baby rabbits have been spotted.  Plants are taking off.  It’s that time of the year here on our farm.

2 thoughts on “Spring on the Farm

  1. Hi again — I left a long comment on your other blog and managed to “unsubscribe” before I could
    subscribe. I was about choosing a title. In it, I wondered if you had finally got your farm and you have!

    And how many pups did you keep? They look adorable.

    • Yes! We still have 2 puppies and the mother. And our old dog died last week so now we have only the three dogs. A bit more manageable, though the puppies are still wild!

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