Choosing a Book Title

a gratuitous puppy photo

a gratuitous puppy photo

As an update:  the ten puppies are growing like crazy. Even though they are only four weeks old, we’ve started them on solid food. They are just too much for the momma, and she is getting down and puny.  And fighting with the babies.  No matter how many calories we give her, it’s not enough.  Feeding the babies solid food is helping, though.  She is less aggressive with them now.

Now, on to choosing book titles!  I’m through a second draft of my novel, and I still haven’t decided on a title for the book or the series.  I have something I’m playing with but I don’t like it much.  It’s a young adult series that fits into the action adventure and romance sub-genres.  A lot of books in those genres have only a one or two word title.

Nothing is jumping out at me.  Any thoughts on how to choose a good book title?

One thought on “Choosing a Book Title

  1. Chances are you have already thought of one that works, but my in my own experience (6 books), the titles came first and set the parameters for the books. But that’s just me. One is The Pocket Lint Chronicles, 450 pages: the story of filling a paper-clip box by demanding-of-anybody their pocket lint.
    Lastest was Nebraska By Dummies, Vol. I & II. (Asking people what they knew about the state,
    then going to NE and asking them why they knew about Ontario, Canada.) I love Nebraska!
    I found your blog in searching for images of Bird Cloud. Currently reading Proulx’s memoir on same.
    Find the process absorbing, but, like you, wanted more. Thanks for these. Also for turning me on to Auston Kleon’s newsletters.
    Just finished That Old Ace in the Whole — could really relate, having been to and researched NE.

    I have been looking through your interesting posts and want to know if you managed to sell your house and move to the farm?

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