KellyMcMichael-photo by Robin Gansl

KellyMcMichael-photo by Robin Gansle

Kelly McMichael wasn’t like most

kids in her Texas hometown, she pickled deer brains in jars and dissected minnows.  She demanded cherry pies on her birthday and memorized Victorian house plans.  She decided to be a writer in 5th grade after reading a book by Ruth Chew.  Somebody told her that people from small towns don’t become writers so she decided to be an architect, or a lawyer, or maybe a hippie.  Ends up, people from small towns CAN be writers, so that’s what she’s doing now.  That and teaching History to adult college students all over the world (online).

Kelly attended Texas A&M University, earning a B.A. in U.S. History and English.  She then completed a M.A. at Baylor University in American Studies and a Ph.D. at the University of North Texas in U.S. History.  She likes to garden, walk/hike, read, and listen to live music.  She likes to travel and is especially fond of Treasure Beach on Jamaica’s south coast.  She lives on a farm in a tiny little community where people appreciate good stories.

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  1. I have your Texas Mon. Book. I have over 40K digital images of Civil War Monuments. See Web Page civilwarmonumentsofhtesouth.com

    I plan to be in Texas in near future. Don’t know if I can photo all of the Mon. There are many more newer ones out there now.

    Bob 770-598-1134 Atlanta

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